St Mary's River freighter


So we have changed our registration for this year to include a four day registration that is specifically about going to the St Mary’s River to paddle in current. This means that for participants you show up a day early and get to focus on running the St Mary’s around the Soo Locks.

The river provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to paddle in current. In this environment you get a feel for what it’s like to paddle in moving water in a sea kayak. We typically challenge the students with a variety of tasks such as, ferrying, breaking in and breaking out of the flow, eddyline turns, attaining, and even a bit of surfing standing waves. This type of paddling focuses skills and demands precision, especially in longer kayaks. In the past we have tried to dedicate a day to go to the river, but we have gotten so lucky with Lake Superior providing conditions that we have opted to not force students to drive. This year we are offering a four day registration to ensure students who would like to go to the river get an opportunity to do so. This course would run on Thurs all day. Plastic boats are highly recommended.

So it must also be said that the three day registration may also include paddling in current. Because we base our event on conditions, if Lake Superior, or even Lake Michigan is not providing us with waves, we may have groups going to the river every day. But if the Lake has wind, we like to cut the driving to a minimum for your sake and ours. The three day event will provide all of the usual thrills and spills to ensure you get your fill and then some of the Gales.

So it really comes down to whether or not you want three days of fun, or four?

Registration is open now.

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