2010 Doesn’t seem that far away. A lot has happened in that time for me and for other folks who have helped organize, plan, and coach at the Gales. Kids in college, new jobs, new houses, new towns, some sadness, and many many amazing adventures. The Gales every year caps off a whole year of paddling and coaching for us. We put a lot into planning it, and look forward to it every year. We’ve met some amazing people who’ve attended.

10 years ago we felt there might be a space to be filled by having a more advanced open water event later in the year. We also suspected that it would be smaller than say Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. We were ok with that. Those feelings and suspicions have largely been correct based on the fact that we are still doing it 10 years later.

I feel very fortunate that 10 years later I have made a bunch of new friends, paddled with some amazing people and that my love affair with bumpy water, and the Great Lakes is still going strong.

We are really looking forward to the Gales 2020. We are returning to Marquette! We will have some special offerings and announcements to make throughout the year. Registration is now open! Do note that we will be pre-ordering shirts with registration for this year to make the whole process leaner and meaner.

Stoked for the year. Thanks for the continuing support.

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