The Gales has several new options for registration, the number of days you participate, the coach and leadership course, and the prepaid meals.

We strongly urge all participants to sign up for the meal plan because essential activities (course sign-ups, morning and evening announcements, evening social events) occur during mealtimes.

If you have special dietary needs, let us know and we’ll accommodate them. Also, if you were disappointed in the food during years past, fear not. We are actively working to ensure that the 2019 meals will be awesome. (Or at least highly satisfactory.) Please ensure you select the meal plan option on the registration page to ensure you are pre-paid for meals.

The Gales is going to offer three options:

Gales Plus

4-Day Registration. $495 or $625 with meal plan. Oct 10-13, 2019

This course will intend to run from Thursday through Sunday.

The first day of the 4-Day Gales Plus is paddling in current day on the St Mary’s River in Sault St Marie. The St. Mary’s is fast moving, wide and deep. It’s a very good simulation of paddling in tidal currents on the ocean. There is the added bonus of the possibility of paddling really close to Great Lakes freighters.

Please ensure to select the meal plan from the drop down if you would like to use the 387 meal plan.

Sign up for the 4-Day Registration – Gales Plus

Gales Regular

3-Day Registration. $425 or $545 with meal plan. Oct 11-13, 2019

The three-day registration will cover Friday through Sunday. All activities will be likely be on the Great Lakes, but we may go to the St Mary’s if conditions don’t present themselves on the Great Lakes.

Please ensure to select the meal plan from the drop down if you would like to use the 387 meal plan.

Sign up for the 3-Day Registration – Gales Regular

Gales Coaching and Leadership Mentoring Course Oct 10-13 2019

Many of you have asked for the opportunity to develop as a paddler and also as a coach and a leader at the event. In order to deliver on this mission, we want to dedicate a track just to these paddlers. We will offer instruction and mentoring within the context of developing as a coach and a leader over the course of the weekend.

We will work on developing your coaching in the following areas.

  • Paddler assessment of skills and fundamentals
  • student centered learning
  • course and skill progressions
  • venue setting and assessment
  • leadership
  • risk assessment
  • giving student feedback
The coach mentoring track will offer an opportunity to develop your individual skills as well as your leadership and coaching skills.

Register here for the Gales Coaching and Leadership Mentoring Track

If you have a non-paddling companion , they can join us for meals and all the social events.  Register for the Meal plan only  for $120.

How to register

We very much prefer that you register online.  If you just have that uncontrollable desire to fill out a form by hand, write a check, put it in an envelope and (gasp!) mail it, then you can send us the following information:

Name, full address, email and contact phone #.

Make your check out to “Keith Wikle” and mail to:

Gales Storm Gathering

c/o Go Kayak Now

316 Edgemoor Ave

Kalamazoo MI 49001