Do you wince at the thought of paddling inches away from a sandstone cliff?  Do you cringe at the idea of running a gap between 2 boulders?  Do you hyperventilate when someone suggests paddling into a sea cave?  Then you have Rock Intimacy issues.

Let the highly trained Rock Intimacy Counselors at The Gales Storm Gathering help you overcome your Rock Intimacy issues.  We know many paddlers that only see the rocks along the shore of Grand island from a hundred yards out.  They are missing out on that close personal contact that the rocks are longing to give.

Don’t be a rock fearer, be a rock lover. Our Rock Intimacy Counselors (RICs) will gently guide you through a progression of activities to develop your kayak confidence and control  so you will soon be lovingly approaching sandstone, granite and cobble as if they were long lost sweethearts.

the gales storm gathering sea cave paddling

In sea caves our RICs will help you feel happy going into the caves, maneuvering in them, and performing towing and assisted rescues in them.

the gales storm gathering rock paddling

Follow the leader, getting as close to the rock wall as you can, even paddling on only 1 side of the boat so as to get that much closer.

the gales storm gathering rocks and waves

It’s also not just about the rocks themselves but about the water AND the rocks working in unison

the gales storm gathering waterfall shower

If the rock intimacy becomes too much for you, a cold shower is always offered by Grand Island

Register for the Gales Storm Gathering NOW and take advantage of our Rock Intimacy Counseling


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