Tom Navigates through the pea soup on the coast of Grand Manaan Island in New Brunswick. This island is in the Bay of Fundy and sea kayakers must deal with fog, a tidal range of 26 feet and complex currents. Learn how to deal with these type of conditions during our OW Navigation Workshop

From the Course Description:

“Open Water Navigation – Take your navigation to the next level with the OW Navigation course. A classroom navigation session will be followed by on-water navigation skills and a navigation challenge!”

Oy vey! Why would anyone want to sit inside working on navigation during the Gales Storm Gathering?  I want to be paddling with my mates and the coaches that are here.  Here’s the answer – “This IS NOT  your normal navigation class!” The coaches are prepared to offer the best nav course  you’ve ever taken, but we have an expectation of you as well. Know the basics. Be familiar with nautical charts and your handheld compass. Know how to plot a bearing on a nautical chart and paddle on that heading using a deck compass.

When paddlers come into the course with this basic knowledge, we can have fun from there! We’ll plan on offering this class when it is bumpy or foggy, or both. Learn how to compensate for current and wind, as well as navigating in limited visibility conditions.  Paddlers should have a nautical chart of the area, deck compass and handheld compass.  We will be on the water most of the day!


  1. Jeff Forseth

    Which nautical chart are you recommending? 14970 Marquette and Presque Isle Harbors?

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