For everyone who is attending the Gales we’ve created this document:¬†GalesParticipantsAkarockstars.

This document details all of the schedule, location, meal times, and other details you might be asking about.


The Gales Storm Gathering 2013
The Gales Storm Gathering is a three day sea kayak training event intended to provide progressing beginner and intermediate paddlers a venue to challenge their skills with great instruction on the Great Lakes.

It is important to note that this event is more contingent on weather and marine conditions than any of the summer symposiums. Due to this fact we must plan courses and activities around the conditions. This means we can’t have pre-event sign-up for courses, nor guarantee that any single course will be available.

What we can guarantee is top notch coaching all three days and that appropriate challenge and stimulation will be provided. Thursday evening will provide a general forecast and an idea of overall conditions. But final day to day conditions will dictate which courses will run. The venues have been chosen to allow for multiple venues, outs, wind direction and fetch. We have relied on local knowledge to give us the best experience.

This agility comes at the cost of being able to tell everyone exactly what you will be doing on any given day. The best way to ensure you get what you need from the event is to use the meet and greet on Thursday to discuss your aims and desires with the coaches and work to sign up for courses recommended to you.

Below is a description of day to day activities for participants.

Thursday Evening

  1. 7 pm Instructor-Participant Meet and Greet Legendary Waters Resort
  2. Open Bar and Hors D’Houevre courtesy of our Sponsor Living Adventure,
  3. Meet your instructors, discuss course offerings.
  4. Quick slide show overview of the Apostle Islands from coach Joe Kochevar.
  5. Gales Weather forecast for weekend.
  6. Day 1 Course Signups


  1. Breakfast 7-8:30
  2. Final course adjustments
  3. Courses start at 9
  4. Dinner 6PM-7PM
  5. Forecast and course signup for Saturday
  6. Presentation Bonnie Perry 7:30


  1. Breakfast 7-8:30
  2. Final Course Adjustments
  3. Courses Start 9
  4. Dinner 6PM-7PM
  5. Forecast course signup final day
  6. Presentation Gail Green 7:15-8:00
  7. Presentation John Carmody 8-8:45


  1. Breakfast 7-8:30
  2. Final forecast and course adjustments
  3. Courses Start 9
  4. Courses END Noon