If you’re going to run a rough-water symposium, you have to focus on risks: what they are, whether they can be mitigated, and when they require a change of plan.

Alec and Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin of Have Kayaks, Will Travel — two of the Gales’ organizers — presented a talk called “Risky Business” at Canoecopia, in which they shared their latest version of the always-evolving risk assessment bullseye they first learned about from Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme of Body Boat Blade, International, and used during their British Canoeing training in Wales. Many people asked for copies, so we thought we’d post it here. Click on the image above to expand it. (You can learn to use it at The Gales if you missed their talk.)

One thing is missing from this risk assessment, however: the very real risk that you will miss The Gales this year if you don’t register soon! Now that would be tragic.

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