Dale Williams wins the longest-commute-to-coach award for this year’s Gales. Based in Tybee Island, Georgia, Dale is taking a weekend away from the salt water to join us on Lake Superior.

Coaching thought: What I’ve been working on in coaching is how to make use of time in transit for higher level students  that require a journey of some sort. Quantitative stroke analysis for later discussion is one way, using Body/Boat/Blade as a base, but adding analysis beyond that. To reiterate what I’ve been working on. How to differentiate the needs of advanced student needs from those who are less so, how to give quantitative information without inferring a value judgement and how to do some of this while underway through reciprocal teaching/learning.

Paddling thought: As Keith Richards once said in response to the rest of the band telling the Hampton, VA audience how good it was to be in Hampton, “I’m just happy to be anywhere!” Never-the-less, I’d say my happiest to be there moment was paddling around the Blaskett Islands in Ireland this July, in all that highly textured water with a handful of close friends and my most amazing wife.

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