We’re thrilled to welcome Rebecca Merz to the coaching ranks of the Gales as an assistant this year. We’re sure you’ll be as impressed with her skills and insights as we are.

Coaching thought: This past year as a coach I have been really focusing on creating a psychologically and physically safe space for students to learn and challenge themselves in ways that they may not have realized they could. I want to give my students the tools that they need to be safe and competent paddlers at whatever level they aspire to, whether that be the local pond or the open ocean, and I want to instill in my students the excitement and joy that I have for the sport.

Paddling thought: The thing that I love most about paddling is the myriad of ways in which we can experience water, and how we can always find new ways to challenge ourselves. Some of my favorite times on the water this past year have been in my whitewater boat, which is a new discipline for me, and even though I found myself upside down far more often than I would have liked, it really pushed me to learn and grow as a paddler in ways that have been incredibly fun and rewarding.

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