Don’t be fooled. Trey Rouse may seem like he’s into paddling and coaching, but he’s actually TOTALLY into paddling and coaching.


Coaching thought: What I have been focusing on recently is identifying that key, basic piece that is preventing the completion of the puzzle.Sometimes it can be discovered by reverse engineering the skill and sometimes it lies in fears or anxieties (acknowledged and unknown). THEN, once we identify that key piece, how do we teach it in a way that is learned by the whole body and not just verbally comprehended. There are so many simple components that we as coaches or instructors take for granted that students say they understand, yet are unable to actually apply in the learning environment.

Paddling thought: Something I really found joy in this season was a 6 week training routine I did this spring. I am not one for daily workouts (ok, I hate working out), but I challenged myself to get out on my local river and do an attain on my SUP every morning. The joy came not from better conditioning or water reading skills (that was nice), but the true JOY came from being a PART of the water breathing life into itself. Incremental, yet so powerful. I totally did not see that coming. I was left full, energized and amazed.

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