An intermediate to advanced Great Lakes sea kayaking event
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Special deal on Justine Curgenven’s DVDs!


When Justine Curgenven produced her first This is the Sea video, it changed the way many people viewed sea kayaking. It was far more than expeditions by crusty old guys with beards; it was a sport that all kinds of people could enjoy as they explored beautiful places, took on exhilarating challenges, and made life-long friends in the process.

Today, you can watch This is the Sea 1 through 4 as well as This is Canoeing. And if you register for the Gales, you can purchase them for $5 each, or any four for $15!

Check out this trailer from This is the Sea 4:

To get in on this deal, register for the Gales and then contact Sharon and Alec at to purchase your DVDs. We can mail them to you at cost, or bring them to the Gales for you.

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