St Mary's River freighter

Passing freighters are exciting to share the river with and create their own little storm surge.

The Gales River Day is moving to the St. Mary’s River in Sault St. Marie! We had the chance to scout the St. Mary’s over the summer and found it offers a much better experience for long boats in current compared to what is available on the Menominee.

The St. Mary’s better simulates paddling on tidal currents; it also offers many more coaching and learning options and can accommodate more paddlers. Plus, no rocks, so bringing your glass boat is perfectly fine.  The Soo has lots of lodging choices for those coming in the day before.



The St. Mary’s River off Rotary Park in the Soo with 20+ knots of wind out of the North.

Here’s a nicely executed 30 second rescue in current and a good bit of wind.

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