What are you doing on Saturday evening?

Sam Crowley’s kit for one of his solo trips.

Every night, Gales attendees gather for dinner at our headquarters at 387 Restaurant & Beer Parlor. On Saturday, we’ll also have a presentation about solo expeditioning, featuring three remarkable paddlers. They are:

  • Greg Anderson, who completed a solo circumnavigation of Vancouver Island in 2017.
  • Sjana Shanning, who paddled around Lake Superior “mostly solo” in 2018
  • And Sam Crowley, who has more than a dozen solo expeditions to his name, including a circumnavigation of Ireland and other daunting journeys.

Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin will be moderating a panel discussion with these three intrepid kayakers, seeking to learn more about why they chose to paddle solo, how they prepared for those adventures, what was rewarding and what was challenging about being alone on the water so long, and what lessons they learned for their next adventures–or yours! There will be lots of time for asking questions, too.


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