About The Gales Storm Gathering

The 11th annual Gales Storm Gathering (Oct 5 through 8, 2023) is a fun, invigorating sea kayaking instructional event for students looking to gain experience “in conditions” on the Great Lakes. It’s an opportunity to work on boat control, rolling, rescues, towing, leadership and other skills in rough water.

Lake Superior has a variety of weather conditions and sea states in autumn. This symposium aims to offer what we often seek on the ocean right here in the midwest with the aid of world-class coaches.

The Gales Storm Gathering aims to:

  • build confidence in existing skills
  • provide opportunities for challenge, supported by top-notch, safety-conscious coaches
  • reinforce good habits learned on flat water and correct bad habits, applying them in bumpier or more challenging conditions
  • paddle in beautiful surroundings
  • build a community of ambitious paddlers who support one another on and off the water

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